What is Rubber City Football Club?

We are a semi-pro soccer team located in Akron, Ohio. Our current plans are to begin our first full season of play in the Spring of 2019.

What league with Rubber City FC play in?

Rubber City FC have not been accepted into a league currently, but we have made a commitment to joining National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) pending league an conference approval.

Who owns Rubber City FC?

Joshua Austin (Founder/President/Technical Director)
Joshua Austin, Founder/President of Rubber City Football Club, was born and raised in Akron, Ohio where he attended the University in Akron studying communications.
Joshua spent several years as a professional musician before focusing on sports journalism. He has written for publications such as Akron Sports NOW, Mind Equals Blown and FanSided’s Cage Pages as well as being a guest soccer contributor for SB Nation’s Hustle Belt. A lifelong soccer fan and student member of the UA’s AK-Rowdies, the Akronite seized an opportunity to bring professional soccer to the place he’s called home for 30 years. Austin brings a deep, studied knowledge of both of the game of soccer and the often complicated US transfer market and talent pool.
Tyler Novak (Co-Founder/VP)
Tyler Novak, Rubber City Football Club Co-Founder/VP, was born and raised in Northfield Center, Ohio to mother Nancy Novak and Father Edward Novak. Tyler is currently finishing his masters in Security Studies/ International Relations at the University of Akron . He also has achieved a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science, with minors in Homeland Security and Business. Tyler has been actively engaged throughout the Akron community, for many organizations, and has envisioned revitalizing Northeast Ohio, by giving back to the community, providing an engaging environment for all, and engaging the community to get involved with their ideas and passions regardless of where you come from. Along with a deep passion for the sport of soccer, Novak brings the strategic knowledge necessary to create meaningful community initiatives and projects
When will Rubber City FC start playing games?
The team will begin play in Spring 2019.
Where will games be played?
RCFC are currently in negotiations for a temporary playing location while we finalize plans for a new soccer stadium in or near downtown Akron.
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How will RCFC benefit the Akron community?
The top priority for the team is to engage and help this proud community prosper. Whether it’s projects with community organizations, city organizers, promoting true equality, or working to help the less privileged members of the community attend home games. RCFC aims to be a constant positive force in the community